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Business Consultancy and Sales

PC, Laptop and Printer Sales and Servicing
Louth Computer Shop can provide competitive quotations on a wide range of hardware from entry level PCs and Laptops to high performance server equipment and printing solutions. We can supply systems from many of the leading brands including Dell, HP/Compaq, Fujitsu, IBM and Apple either from stock or within two to three working days. All hardware can be supplied "as-is" or with installation and configuration services as required.
Software support and installation services
One of the biggest problems with computers is the complexity of configuring them for your specific requirement. Let us take the stress out of your installations by having us arrange the operating system and end-user software for your needs. Louth Computer Shop can supply a wide range of industry leading software, including the latest versions of Windows and Microsoft Office.
Networking and Server Consultancy
Expanding into new premises? Simply looking to replace slow out-dated equipment with something a little more fit for purpose? Louth Computer Shop have undertaken full network installations all over the Lincolnshire region - From setting up Servers with Microsoft Windows, to configuring large batches of client terminals to arranging contractors for network cabling and trunking - We can help manage your entire project from start to finish. Louth Computers have also completed a number of grant-assisted installations, and if you qualify for such schemes we'd be happy to help plan out how to make best use of such funding.
Disaster Recovery Planning and Recovery
It should never happen, but it always does - Disaster recovery should always be a priority for any small company, and we pride ourselves on offering sound reliable solutions which reflect the importance of your data and the practicalities of time and budgets. If you are looking for a backup solution to safeguard your IT systems, why not give us a call? In the event you have suffered a disaster, be it physical damage or malicious software such as viruses, we are happy to attempt data recovery on your behalf or in the event of serious issues outsource the recovery to a specific hardware specialist - In most cases some form of solution can be found!
Anti-Virus & Malware Prevention, Removal and Audits
At Louth Computer Shop we see more virus infected computers brought in than we care to mention, and in the vast majority of cases the old saying 'prevention is better than the cure' rings true. Whilst we'll happily help you resolve any virus or malware issues, either onsite at your place of business or at our office, we can also provide preventative measures which more often than not stop 99% of such incidents occurring. From protecting a single PC to an entire network, we can recommend a software solution and where necessary complete the installations and configurations on your behalf.
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